Brand Pack

Boost your credibility

When your order a Brand Pack we will design your new logo and profile graphics for social media. With 12 years experience in design and branding we will add real value to your business.

Check out whats included…

  • Logo for website & social media
  • Icon for your website
  • Facebook, Instagram,Twitter & YouTube Profile Graphics
  • Native files (AI & EPS)
  • JPeg, PNG & PDF Logos
  • Colour Pallet for your brand
  • Up to 10 revisions

Brand Pack

€159.95 ex VAT

How it works

After you place your order for a new Brand Pack we will send you an email outlining the information we require. This information includes:

  • Your business name (If you don’t have one we can send you tips)
  • Your existing Logo (If you have one)
  • Your social media links (if any)
  • Your preferred colour (If you have one)
  • Your business mission / USP

When we receive this information will will immediately start designing your new brand. Your logo will be completed in 7 days so it is important to get the information to us as soon as you can to avoid delays. We will communicate progress with you through either email or whatsapp to make choices and advance the design.

This is a one off payment and once the final design has been selected a vector graphic of your logo will be designed and signed over to you.

We cannot wait to help you define a new brand identity and are happy to answer any questions that you may have so please contact us today if you need any assistance.