Phone and business card displaying a new logo design

Branding and Logo Design for business. Fully responsive for print and web.

Your brand identity is what makes you instantly recognisable to your customers. We will work with you to define a new style for how you do business.

Website design displayed on a computer, tablet and phone for a window cleaning company

Website Design Services - Fully responsive across all devices and full SEO included

You website is the window to your business that can be looked at from all around the world. Make the best first impression. Responsive, affordable and fully optimised.

Hand painted wedding cake topper that was build on a 3D printer.

3D Printed Wedding Cake topper designed for a bride and groom in Co. Meath Ireland

Does your business offer personalised products? We can help you optimise your workflow and offer people unique creations through 3D Printing.

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  • Web design for small business
    Web design for small business
    We provide web design for small businesses to help them reach new customers and and improve sales. A lot of businesses start promoting their startup online through Facebook and then evolve to needing a website. Reasons to get a website include: Build trust with people and customers...
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  • Man holding tablet looking at new modern website design
    Reasons to get a professional website
    With social media changing how people do business, I would like to share 5 reasons to get a professional website in 2019. Getting your business online is a must if you plan to sell products or offer services this year. If you are not online people will...
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  • New little birdie design
    New little birdie design
    New year new little birdie design Today is the first day back to work or many and for me it is the day to design a new product. Our little birdie design did really well in the run up to Christmas and we sold lots of our...
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  • Handcrafting for Christmas
    Handcrafting for Christmas
    We love handcrafting Christmas Decorations because it is a special time of year and when people choose our designs we feel an enormous amount of pride!  Busy little elves Winter is a busy time of year for a design studio and we are extra busy this year...
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  • Behind the Scenes
    Behind the Scenes
    Product design studio Have you ever wondered how new ideas get made in to products? Well we share all of our behind the scenes product design studio on our Instagram so that you can see our products come to life.  We share everything from sketches to shipment...
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About DesignBurst - Design on Demand

Here in DesignBurst we design on demand based on market insights and our love of design and engineering. Our aim is to create new contemporary products for modern life using the latest rapid product development technologies.

Photo of Marianna Kane Product Designer

We produce every product to order because we do not want to create thousands of unloved products that ultimately end up as landfill. This gives us the freedom to create a wide variety of products from home, office and outdoors while allowing you to customise certain aspects to suit your individual needs.


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